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Welcome to the Oilers Live Channel. Home to hockey podcasts. 

Heavy Hockey Podcast - Heavy Hockey isn't dead, it's just getting started. Hockey interviews from around the league with an Oilers flavour.

Oilers Live Podcast - A LIVE podcast 

Requirements to be a co-host include:

  1. Twitter following greater than 700
  2. Commitment to being an Oilers fan
  3. Appropriate commentary (No room for the REAL trolls)
  4. Fun attitude

Aug 27, 2020

NBA boycotts games, will the NHL follow suit? Hockey related revenue, CBA, and are athletes paid enough? Great discussion having Eric Macramalla (Twitter: @EricOnSportsLaw) on from TSN Radio. From the bubble of an independent Oilers hockey podcast, give me some feedback on...

Aug 6, 2020

Michael hosts Dean Millard @DuckMillard and discuss the #Oilers game 3 versus the #Blackhawks during the NHL 2020 play in round for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Lots to discuss and always fun to chat hockey with Dean. 

"Kris Russel's toe has good instincts"

Aug 5, 2020

After game 2 versus the Hawks, Michael hosts Hart @Puckpedia from and Dan @Danalytic from Oilersnation and We discuss the positives of Oilers hockey from game 2 and some of the areas for improvement. Give us your feedback on Twitter or whatever platform you...

Aug 3, 2020

Michael @Oilerslive hosts Sean @TheOilKnight for some post game ONE discussion of the Oilers playoff / play in round versus the Blackhawks. Some NHL talk on some of the other games and where do we go for game 2? Let me know your thoughts on twitter or whatever platform you're listening on. 

Check Sean out at