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  4. Fun attitude

Jan 5, 2018

Open your mind and join me for episode 3 of Oilers Live Podcast. Tonight I get a chance to speak to Jessica from In my short time as an Oilers podcaster, I'm already excited for a new and refreshing look at the Edmonton Oilers. Jessica makes a believer out of me as she takes an ancient, pattern based science, and applies it to the sport we love. Today she works with teams in the WHL, USA Hockey, and the AHL, and is a favourite among her beer league hockey friends as a fantasy hockey resource. 
Listen through to the end as she tells us what would be our most astrologically compatible top line, why earth vs fire is important for our upcoming game on Saturday vs the Stars, and why Todd McLellan either needs to listen to my podcast or consult Jessica if we want to get back on track. 
You can reach Jessica on Twitter: where she regularly responds to DMs or read her blog and visit her site at