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Feb 21, 2018

Michael chats with Ganesh, who most people in Oilers land know as Oilers Nerd Alert. His work on NHL stats is followed by many, but if you haven't spoken to him you might not understand the love of the game Ganesh has. He is a true fan and his willingness to share the stats and conclusions that he comes up with are just another testament to his love of the game. 

In the second segment I ask if stats show a bias against the Oilers when it comes to penalties. You might be interested to hear what Ganesh thinks and what is to come. We also discuss some of the main stats and get a primer on where to go for more information.

You can find Ganesh here:
Twitter: @OilersNerdAlert
Articles soon to be published at Oilers Nation and, of course, you can find his soon to be updated