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Requirements to be a co-host include:

  1. Twitter following greater than 700
  2. Commitment to being an Oilers fan
  3. Appropriate commentary (No room for the REAL trolls)
  4. Fun attitude

Jan 27, 2018

RNH is sitting on the IR, so Nuge's Teddy Bear, aka Mason, has had an opportunity to gain some insights from what is happening behind the scenes. Mason is a long time Oilers hockey fan who, like most Oilers fans, is showing some frustration with the team.

Michael and Mason talk Oilers hockey. What's next for this team? What would you do today? 

Also, I'm curious and let us know on Twitter. Are you like Mason, do you have trouble supporting this team financially this year because of where we're at? What do you need to see happen? Mason is not just the star behind @NugeTeddy, but turns out he knows hockey and is an avid fan. 

Watch for Mason or Puljujarvi at your local ODR!